Originally published in Corp! Magazine e-publication, June 14, 2012

Troy, Mich. www.optechus.com A willingness to adapt to changing markets is something CEO Ronia Kruse credits with not only the survival but the success of OpTech, originally an IT supplier that focused primarily on the automotive sector. That’s changed, of course, with OpTech now having branched out into government, banking, manufacturing, insurance, utility, and health care. The resurgence of the automotive sector has meant the company is now positioned to succeed on multiple fronts. But its base in Michigan has also meant OpTech is keeping busy as it works hard to attract talent that it knows will only become more scarce as the automotive sector continues to rebound. Kruse says OpTech will meet those challenges with vigor. “We’ll adapt to the challenges by continuing to train and develop our current employees, and also by hiring the best talent acquisition specialists in the business to find the talent we need to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Picture: Karen Washington of Comcast Business Class presents Ronia Kruse with the award for OpTech.