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Cyber Security

The task of protecting critical networks is a constantly evolving and complex challenge. Our experts are here to help.

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Enterprise Mobile Solution

If you’re looking to better adapt your business to mobile, OpTech offers a unique, effective and modular three-prong solution.

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Healthcare SRA

Provider of Healthcare services? If so, you’ll want to read more about OpTech’s robust risk management assessment program here.

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Master Service Provider

For organizations that need to manage contingent and temporary workers, OpTech offers full-service Master Service Provider solutions.

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Managed Services

Our consulting services deliver in three primary areas: Cyber Security, Data Management, and Application Development.

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The threats are real. As more organizations are threatened by cyber attacks, data security is becoming a high priority for all business and government enterprises. As these threats become more profound and sophisticated, protecting your critical networks has become a constantly evolving and complex challenge. That’s where the cyber security team at OpTech can help, with solutions that safeguard mission critical systems against the widest range of internal and external threats.

We can help. OpTech is a premier IT solutions provider with an outstanding track record in cyber security. Our key clients include Fortune 500 companies and the Federal Government. We are a woman-owned company headquartered in Michigan with offices nationwide, and with an outstanding reputation for delivering quality and effective services. From performing assessments, developing cyber security strategies, conducting penetration testing and incident response and forensics, OpTech provides outstanding capabilities.


OpTech offers a wide range of cyber security services, each of which is introduced below.

Vulnerability & Security Assessments

Our Vulnerability & Security Assessments help make your IT environment more secure. We provide customized assessments for government agencies, businesses, utilities, nuclear power plants, and more. Our security assessments use an effective combination of integrated tools, techniques, and trained and certified personnel.

Monitoring & Traffic Analysis

Our Monitoring & Traffic analysis procedures work to monitor and track all of your network activity. We provide insider threat protection, real-time network traffic analysis, endpoint and network monitoring, as well as incident analysis.

Penetration Testing

OpTech’s Penetration Testing uses our proven methodology to test the effectiveness of your security measures. Our team of Certified Penetration Testers determines the extent of your network’s exposure to external or internal attack.

Digital Forensics

We employ a proven Digital Forensics approach to identify, gather, document and preserve evidence of electronic tampering and misuse. Our forensic investigators can acquire and reconstruct the deleted information on a digital artifact such as a hard drive, computer systems, smart phones, PDAs, tablets, etc.

Mobile Device Security

Our Mobile Device Security services work to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)/mobile workforce. This allows your enterprise to maximize the productivity of your workforce by accommodating the newest mobile technologies, while assuring that your enterprise data remains safe, secure, encrypted and within your corporate reach.

Cyber Security Workforce Solutions

Our Cyber Security Workforce Solutions deliver talented cyber security specialists on a contract or direct-hire basis.



Customer expectations for mobile are high. In an effort to become more efficient and increase value, many are faced with a myriad of solutions on how to adapt their business to mobile. Some have more than one customer database. Others run silo operations. All want to increase sales effectiveness, increase customer satisfaction and improve quality of information through an enterprises-wide solution that leverages the mobile channel.


Using a three-prong, mobile-centric approach, OpTech offers a unique perspective to creating strategic mobile solutions (each prong introduced below). Whether the first client uses one approach or all three, each realizes significant savings in one year, some as much as $3.5M the first year of implementation.

Mobile Strategy Services

Our Mobile Strategy Services work to help you navigate the mobile ecosystem as seamlessly as possible.

Mobile Application Development Services

Our Mobile Application Development Services offer specialized sub-services, such as: mobile application development, blueprint and planning, and an enterprise mobile app store.

Mobile Advisory Services

Our Mobile Advisory Services work to accompany mobile business and technology plans to drive additional enterprise and customer value.


Through our Managed Services, the experienced OpTech team offers clients a solid and comprehensive menu of mobile technology solutions. OpTech’s ability to mold our processes to each client’s unique situation, and to work collaboratively with them, has earned the trust of our Fortune 500 and government clients. We are ready to work with you to improve your business environment and ensure your path to mobile enablement is a successful one.


The OpTech Difference

Customers can realize lower costs due to OpTech’s streamlined processes and lower overhead (compared to “large” consulting firms).

Customers gain from our global experience in creating strategy and thought leadership for three of the top 10 companies in world – Wal-Mart, Toyota and Wells Fargo & Co.

Customers realize significant ROI. Such as: $1.5M for mobile app development, $2.3M for mobile solution implementation, and $3M in savings based on effective mobile solutions.

Customers have access to top resources available with a combined 70 years of mobile experience from App Development to Strategy.

Customers have a connection to mobile technology solution partners that have best-of-breed solutions and have been vetted by the industry as well as Fortune 500 companies.

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Healthcare services come with many mandates and risks, and compliance is a critical factor to the success of healthcare operations and services. While a thorough healthcare risk management assessment is key to meeting mandates, many assessment programs can take weeks, may miss key requirements, and run into high costs that challenge healthcare vendors to complete. A robust healthcare risk management assessment program is vital in identifying substandard practices and reducing exposure to data breaches, heavy fines, government operational oversight, remediation, and reputational damages.


OpTech offers a unique Security Risk Assessment service that:

  • Utilizes a Proprietary Process that cuts on-site assessment time in half
  • Reduces Assessment Costs by providing value-priced risk identification by certified professionals
  • Includes ISO Foundation expanded to include HIPAA & ARRA
  • Provides a clear guide for assessment site visits
  • Communicates expectations through the process


The experienced OpTech team offers clients solid and comprehensive healthcare solutions. OpTech’s ability to mold our processes to each clients’ unique situation, and to work collaboratively with them, has earned the trust of our Fortune 500 and government clients. We are ready to work with you to improve your business environment and ensure your next audit is a successful one. Contact us today.

The OpTech Difference

Slide through the benefits to using OpTech’s Security Risk Assessment solution below.


Comprehensive, detailed formats

Simplicity: thorough and easy to use

Improved data breach reduction probability

Efficient assessment time utilization: reductions to 50%

Improved assessment process: savings to 40%

Certified Assessors: 20+ years Healthcare experience; 14+ years HIPAA compliance

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Managing contingent and temporary workers is a time-consuming and costly administrative task for many organizations. OpTech provides full-service Master Service Provider solutions, saving time and money for a wide range of clients. Improving your contingent workforce program starts with getting a clear picture of where you are today – which isn’t always easy. What are your needs for contingent labor next year? Which departments use contingent workers the most, what kind, and how much? Where are bottlenecks occurring and why? What could you be doing better? Our exclusive solution design services help you answer these questions and more, giving you an accurate starting point for making process improvements.


OpTech leverages its expertise in staffing, procurement and supplier management to provide customers with effective and dynamic workforce staffing solutions. Services are flexible, fully scalable, and can be phased in, expanded, or revised to meet changes in your business environment.

Solutions Menu

OpTech offers a comprehensive menu of MSP solutions, including:

  • Single-point source to manage all contracts, insurance and certificates
  • Empower managers to better forecast and enhance workforce planning
  • Source higher quality contingent workers for each job requisition
  • Reduce overall contingent workforce costs
  • Retain or terminate staffing providers based upon objective performance measurements
  • Replace multiple billings from staffing providers with one consolidated invoice
  • Promote and maintain staffing vendor neutrality
  • Improve contingent worker productivity
  • Eliminate inconsistencies in pay / bill and performance standards from multiple staffing providers
  • Identify and correct process bottlenecks
  • Significantly reduce project staffing time
  • Enable the sharing of contingent workers between departments for maximum utilization
  • Consolidated invoicing, supplier payment and program reporting
  • Diversity Management


OpTech’s MSP solutions deliver the following value-added benefits.

Hard Dollar Savings

OpTech delivers significant hard dollar savings by aligning rate cards and eliminating maverick spending (in addition to other project-specific, considered strategies).

Soft Cost Reductions

We consistently achieve dramatic soft cost reductions through productivity improvements, process efficiency, and freeing up resources currently devoted to contingent workforce management.

Improved Program Productivity

Our custom MSP services and solutions always work to heighten overall program productivity – and this includes better fulfillment rates and cycle times, plus simplified processes for you and your suppliers.

Improved Worker Productivity

Consistently achieved because the most qualified people are on the job, and processes for time and expense entry are simplified.

Reduced Risk

Via our processes to ensure traceable and auditable transactions, full regulatory compliance and control of co-employment risks.

Guaranteed Performance

Achieved through program service-level agreements, as well as supplier performance monitoring, coaching and management.



Drawing on its deep knowledge and experience in delivering outstanding information technology services in the contingent labor market, OpTech has established consulting practices in three significant areas to provide clients a full measure of IT protection, new and exciting mobile applications, and effective information management. Through its Managed Services practices, the experienced OpTech team offers clients a solid and comprehensive menu of IT solutions. OpTech’s ability to mold our processes to each client’s unique situation, and to work collaboratively with them, has earned the trust of our Fortune 500 and government clients. We are ready to work with you to improve and strengthen your business environment.


Please find OpTech’s Managed Services specialties below.

Cyber Security

OpTech offers security assessments, strategic planning, 24/7 network monitoring, incident response and forensics for our clients in government and commercial sectors. Services include mobile device security for supporting a BYOD / mobile workforce. Our security team includes many highly certified professionals with decades of cyber security experience.

Data Management

OpTech has a team of data specialists to assist clients with developing and implementing strategies for enterprise data management, data warehousing and business intelligence. Services include data health checks, choosing and implementing business intelligence tools, and data governance.

Application Development & Support

OpTech’s progressive approach leverages agile business methodologies with advanced technical expertise that result in a cost-saving competitive advantage for our clients. Services include solutions engineering, application design, development, testing and implementation in areas such as finance, healthcare, mortgage, and manufacturing. Applications include Java, .NET and mobile apps to maximize productivity with advanced technologies.



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