A Fulfilling Career When You Find Your Passion

Most people want a job that makes them feel inspired — a job that they first want to go back to the next day but secondly, and maybe more importantly, one that shows their efforts pay off over time. One where they see direct results, making an impact and contribution to the goals at hand. A person’s success and job satisfaction is based on a number of factors, but discovering your passion is a beneficial component in the process of finding a meaningful profession.

What you’re passionate about today may not be what you’re passionate about five, 10 or 20 years down the road. Regularly checking in with yourself throughout the course of your career can help keep you inspired and on track to have a long career filled with a high level of satisfaction.

Take time today to sit down and write out the answers to the following questions. You may be surprised at the answers, and with any luck, it will help you to tweak or mold your career goals to fit where you are right now:


What are your strongest skills and character qualities?


What interests have stayed with you over time that may be related to your passion?


What are big and little details that you see as the highlights to your day?


Recognize the topic of talks you love or participate in the most.


Understand what is about those areas that you are most enthusiastic about.

Career Options

Reading job descriptions may assist you in finding the job that interests you the most.

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