Customer Success Story

Job satisfaction comes in many forms. OpTech polled its employees and found that, for us, it comes from making a difference in one’s daily tasks or seeing even the smallest changes that each individual puts out for the group as a whole.

​Our customer’s success stories are a true testament to our work and our own personal job satisfaction.  We are committed to solving real business problems every day of the week. We recently had the opportunity to work with a client that needed a solution Here is a real life example: 

A United States Subsidiary of a Foreign Corporation had been requested to change their inventory process to comply with IFRS standards. This would require having to calculate the ending inventory using Weighted Average Cost rather than LIFO. The Company had recently moved to SAP but was still relying heavily on legacy systems to capture purchases and sales.

OpTech Bionic System Analytics was called on by the client to identify the historical and current data necessary to calculate Weighted Average Cost. By utilizing agile methods, we were able to quickly prototype the process in order to understand the availability, volume and level of data needed to provide the accuracy required by internal and external auditors. By working with real data, we can highlight the materiality impact of assumptions that will dictate the complexity of the calculation.

OpTech Bionic System Analytics has prototyped a process in Microsoft SQL that the client will be moving to going forward. The automated prototype has also allowed for easy transition into their SAP Hanna instance. During the transition, OpTech Bionic Systems set up the process as an APP in their environment, an Azure Cloud instance and managed it in an analytics as a service model.

By identifying and leveraging data sets from other productionized processes, OpTech Bionic System Analytics could quickly prototype an inventory process with live data and allow the client to efficiently validate the process with external and internal auditors. Further, by prototyping with SQL Server, the steps to productionize and stage the process for final incorporation into SAP Hanna went very smoothly and within budget.

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