Direct Placement/Contingency Search

OpTech helps clients address cyber security issues with customized threat assessment programs, round-the-clock monitoring and comprehensive action plans for rapid responses to intrusions. In tandem with our dedicated cyber security testing services, we offer 360-degree coverage to address your security needs. OpTech assists clients with the following services:

​Vulnerability & Security Assessments

Our Vulnerability & Security Assessments help make your IT environment more secure. We provide customized assessments for government agencies, businesses, utilities, nuclear power plants, and more. Our security assessments use an effective combination of integrated tools, techniques, and trained and certified personnel.

​Monitoring & Traffic Analysis
Our Monitoring & Traffic analysis procedures work to monitor and track all of your network activity. We provide insider threat protection, real-time network traffic analysis, endpoint and network monitoring, as well as incident analysis.

Cyber Security Workforce Solutions
Our Cyber Security Workforce Solutions deliver talented cyber security specialists on a contract or direct-hire basis.

​​Mobile Device Security
Our Mobile Device Security services work to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)/mobile workforce. This allows your enterprise to maximize the productivity of your workforce by accommodating the newest mobile technologies, while assuring that your enterprise data remains safe, secure, encrypted and within your corporate reach.

​Digital Forensics
We employ a proven Digital Forensics approach to identify, gather, document and preserve evidence of electronic tampering and misuse. Our forensic investigators can acquire and reconstruct the deleted information on a digital artifact such as a hard drive, computer systems, smart phones, PDAs, tablets, etc.