OpTech LLC and COLT CSC are proud to have been selected as one of the ten Michigan Cybersecurity Assessment Pre-Qualification program participants.  The goals of the State of Michigan’s MiDEAL Cybersecurity Assessment Program are:

To Protect Michigan’s digital ecosystem through collective coordinated action among local public entities, the State of Michigan, federal government agencies, national and local non-profits and associations, and private sector partners.

  • Guide the improvement of cyber posture of local entities across Michigan through risk-based assessment and planning.
  • Provide standard assessment methodology and outputs in order to:
    • Create a common language about cybersecurity
    • Create opportunities for ongoing collaboration
  • Provide local entities a choice in selecting an appropriate assessor.
  • Continue to build public private collaboration in cybersecurity.

OpTech also offers the following optional deliverables at special pricing on the MiDEAL Contract.

Optional Deliverables include:

  1. General Advisory Services on a time and materials basis
  2. Assessment and planning for CIS Controls/Sub Controls in implementation Groups 2 and 3
  3. Assistance with audits or compliance requirements that are present at the local entity based on business practices (CJIS, PCI, HIPAA, IRS-1075, FERPA, etc.)
  4. Conduct Penetration Test
  5. Conduct Infrastructure Vulnerability Scan
  6. Conduct Security Tool Evaluation
  7. Conduct Security Tool Assessment and Rationalization
  8. Conduct Physical Security Assessment
  9. Implement a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Platform
  10. Implement a Vulnerability Scanning Platform
  11. Implement a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Platform
  12. Implement an Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Platform
  13. Implement Intrusion Protection (IDS/IPS) Solution
  14. Implement Web Content Filtering
  15. Implement Next Generation Firewall(s)

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