Shipping Up to Boston

OpTech is pleased to announce that OpTech’s VP of Operations, Angelique Rodriguez-Edge, will be attending the June 2018 Young American Leaders Program (YALP) put on by Harvard Business School (HBS) this week. Angelique was nominated and selected from a highly competitive pool of candidates for this exclusive program.
Angelique and other selected leaders from across the nation will convene at HBS. For three intense days, they will learn about the best practices for cross-sector collaborations from across the country and around the globe. This program hopes to develop leaders and bring insight into where American cities stand today, while also exploring opportunities to improve cities’ standing. These improvements will involve workforce skills, K-12 education, infrastructure, and economic development.
“Angelique has been an instrumental leader in our firm’s growth and has a unique talent of bringing people together to support our growth objectives. I have no doubt that she will be able to apply what she has learned at HBS with the end goal of further propelling the growth of Metro Detroit,” said Ronia Kruse, President and CEO of OpTech when asked about Angelique’s opportunity.
After the session, each team will be encouraged to stay connected to each other, to YALP, and to future cohorts and apply what they have learned in their home city. Over time, their goal is to develop a cadre of young leaders who are able and eager to help their communities thrive.

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