Top 10 Reasons you Need a Recruiter to help you Find your Dream Job

By: Laura T. Ziegler
Today’s job market is competitive. A successful job hunt can be both time-consuming and at times, even daunting. It is easy to get bogged down in the world of job boards – a vicious cycle of sending endless resumes that yield few results or inquires back. In moments like these, a recruiter may be your best option to finding a permanent position, contract work, or a specialized assignment. Below are the top ten reasons you should consider a recruiter the next time you are in job search mode: 

  1. Recruiters have connections – Recruiters are often specialists in a particular field (e.g. IT or healthcare). As a result, they have connections and the inside track into that industry.
  2. Become part of a smaller pool of applicants – Once the recruiter selects you for review by the hiring company, you’ll be part of a much smaller pool of applicants. This provides you with an instant leg up in a highly-competitive job market.
  3. A personal advisor –  Your recruiter wants you to succeed so he’ll offer helpful advice during your job search including resume tips, interview practice, and suggestions on how to position yourself in the market.
  4. Access to hidden jobs – Recruiters often have access to jobs that are “unpublished” which means you may not ever see them on the open market. Companies hire recruiters to fill these roles before making them public.
  5. Free feedback – A good recruiter will always give you feedback on your interview, positive or negative, so you know how to improve in the future.
  6. The recruiter’s incentive – Recruiters don’t get paid until someone gets hired. It behooves them to place candidates in qualified roles.
  7. Competitive benefits – Some of the best recruiting firms like OpTech offer competitive benefits to employees such as medical and dental benefits and paid time off.
  8. A chance to test it out – Many recruiters specialize in short-term staffing projects so if you’re not looking for a permanent position, are interested in moving around, or just don’t want to be tied down, consider a recruiter.
  9. No more vicious cycle down the job board blackhole – A good recruiter won’t waste your time (or theirs) sending you on endless interviews or phone screens for jobs they know you won’t get. Recruiters are seasoned at looking for the right fit between you and the job the first time around.
  10. You can’t be everywhere at once – Scouring job boards, social media sites, and on-site postings is exhausting, and chances are, you aren’t getting to every job that is out there before it is filled. Your recruiter will help you manage this task and save yourself time elsewhere.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! Recruiters have access to the hidden job market where your perfect position may be waiting and they truly want you to succeed. 
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