Customer Engagement

The journey of a customer’s interaction with your brand should be memorable.

As technology continues to transform the way companies operate, it is also creating a new consumer -- one with a voracious appetite for a unique and personalized customer experience. Consumers are demanding faster, more informative, and more accurate products and services, and as a result, touch-points are becoming increasingly more complex and interactive.

Couple this with emerging channels like voice, AR & VR, and the ever-expanding IoT are redefining the consumer experience. By 2020, consumers will have an average of 10 connected devices, and as the number of channels and devices increases, so does the amount of data generated from them. Marketers’ success hinges on the ability to collect all of the additional data created by these new channels, make sense of it, and use it to inform future marketing decisions. Exceeding consumers’ expectations is possible, but will take more coordination and ingenuity than ever before.

The Digital Experience /Customer Experience Imperative


Deliver one experience across Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and other apps.


​Tailor experiences based
on the preferences
and behaviors of each customer.


​Respond to customers
in the moment they
​need and want.

Building the Foundation for Immediate and Long-Term Engagement

OpTech works with its clients to deliver one experience across sales, service, marketing, commerce and apps. We personalize and tailor experiences based on the preferences and behaviors of each customer. Finally, by analyzing streaming data, tracking patterns and triggering actions for the right channel in real time, we provide a clear understanding of what the customer wants which, in turn allows our client to hit their business goals.

Most firms are experiencing a disconnect in the speed at which technology has taken hold and in which customer demand has increased. Most companies report silos ​when it comes to their data, their channels and within their departments.