An Intimate Interview With Ronia

Ronia Kruse, President and CEO of OpTech, is an inspiration to so many women. Ronia is among one of the few female CEOs that has successfully grown her award-winning business over the last 20 years in the world of Tech. For those that know Ronia, she is as down-to-earth as they come, often checking in with her staff and asking them real questions that impact them on a daily basis. She believes in her people and encourages them to stretch and grow.  

Ronia was recently interviewed for a local publication about her success and some of the advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here is what she had to say. 

What motivates you? 
Ronia: “I have always been motivating to help people, even from an early age. I believe that there are opportunities to help people in every aspect of our lives. At OpTech, I truly believe that our firm is only as good as the people we hire, nurture and help to grow. My staff are the reason we are so successful, and I believe wholeheartedly in helping them grow professionally and in their careers, offering them training, mentorship, and work-life balance. I also believe in helping people within the communities we serve. We focus our energy on helping young children, women, and the homeless, to name a few.”

What advice do you have for an aspiring entrepreneur?
“If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, never give up on your dream. When you have a moment of uncertainty, draw on your passion and your resources. Look within. The world needs you. Pause, breathe, but don’t give up.  You’ve got this!”

What are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities your company will face in 2018? 
“Digital disruption and customer centricity will continue to be buzz words in today’s marketplace as technology adoption flourishes; new delivery models are implemented; and evolving expectations to bring more value to customers becomes the norm. Among all of these changes, OpTech sees great opportunities to remain focused on the customer (always) while adding value to their specific needs, evolving to meet the demands of a constantly changing technological environment.”   

What are ways your company gives back to the community? 
“OpTech’s core culture is to give back to the communities we serve. We focus on education for the less fortunate, feeding and housing the homeless and overall advancing equality and diversity in everything we do. Recently OpTech partnered with Humble Design and sponsored two families coming out of homelessness. Our sponsorship included cleaning and furnishing a home for these families and providing them with items that will make their holiday unforgettable.”  

Where’s your favorite place to eat?
“My mother’s home. My mother is an amazing cook. She has been cooking authentic middle eastern (Jordanian specialties) food since she was a very young girl.  Unfortunately, he culinary skills skipped a generation.  I am hoping that I can capture her recipes that took her a lifetime to perfect.”

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