Five Questions to Always Ask in Every Interview

Imagine this. You are sitting in your interview, and you feel like you are knocking it out of the park with your answers. The conversation is flowing. You know you are making a genuine connection. Your interviewer is engaged, smiling, nodding his/her head, maybe even laughing from time to time. All of a sudden, the interviewer says “what questions do you have for me?” 

Ah yes, it’s that moment. We’ve all been there at least once. Frozen. Maybe even thinking,  “oh my goodness, what questions do I have for you?” There may be a moment of panic or unease. You may be moved to ask the dreaded questions about salary, benefits or company perks. (By the way, these are okay to ask, but don’t ask them right away. You will come off as being focused on the wrong things.)

The next time you are faced with this situation, remember to first, take a deep breath, maybe even a drink of water, and refer back to these five questions. You are sure to continue the wow factor throughout the interview, until that last handshake, which will hopefully yield a call back within the week. 

Top Five Questions to Ask in Any Job Interview

  1. In your opinion, what are the key skills and abilities necessary for someone to succeed in this role?
  2. Could you describe your company’s management philosophy to me?
  3. What top initiatives do you want to see addressed in this position in the first year?
  4. How will my performance be measured? By whom? How often?
  5. What challenges do you anticipate for me in this position?

These questions are beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it answer questions for you about the company’s management style, it will tell you if you are a good fit. It will also reinforce to the interviewer that you are motivated, passionate and truly interested about the work you are going to be doing for them.

So, good luck, and go get them. You’ve got this! If you are ready to interview, consider applying for a position today: Its Your Year to Shine.

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