The truth about starting a new job

By: Paulina Kostecki


A new career is more than just a paycheck – it’s a lifestyle, a fresh start, and a commitment. Of course, most people find it stressful to make the jump into a new career and may even find that the job isn’t what they thought it would be. However, the simple truth of a new job is that it’s what you make of it.

When you’re in this new environment, the hardest part might be getting used to the new pace of the office. Let’s face it, not all workplaces are as exciting and fast-paced as they are in movies, so it’s easy for us all to be negative and think that we’re not working “cool” jobs. The best way to conquer this negativity is to stop comparing your job to other people’s jobs. If you give off a positive attitude at work, then your job will suddenly become one of the “cool” jobs.
Having a number of new co-workers is another aspect that might take some time and effort to adjust to. You’ll find that 9/10 times, your co-workers become more than just acquaintances at work, but they’ll soon become the people you turn to for help and support. Because of this, having that same positive attitude in the office is crucial. You might find it hard to stay positive when a co-worker isn’t cooperating, but it is important to always remind yourself that you are in a PROFESSIONAL setting and must not engage in any behavior that could put your job at risk. 
The new environment, pace, and co-workers are all nothing to be afraid of when you’re starting a new job and they all become comfortable with time. Your new job will only be as amazing as you make it, so it’s really important to have a positive attitude and a positive outlook.

​About Paulina:
Paulina Kostecki is an intern at OpTech this summer working in the Marketing Department. Paulina will complete her last year at Oakland University this fall and brings readers a unique perspective in her writing – speaking candidly about the ups and downs of bridging from college life to a corporate career. She shares her thoughts and experiences every Tuesday to help fellow students or young professionals seamlessly navigate through this transition, quite possibly one of the most daunting and invigorating experiences of a young person’s life. 

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